Oljčno olje

Classification of olive oils

1. Virgin olive oil
1.1. Extra virgin olive oil is a superior category of olive oil extracted directly from olives, solely by mechanical means
1.2. Virgin olive oil is produced in the same way as extra olive oil.  It differs only in acidity level.
1.3. Lampante olive oil is a light type of olive oil that is not fit for consumption.

2. Refined olive oil is obtained from virgin olive oil through refining methods which do not lead to alterations in the initial glyceridic structure.

3. Blends of refined olive oil and virgin olive oil only contain refined olive oil and oil extracted directly from olives

4. Olive-Pomace oil is obtained by treating olive pomace with solvents and is commonly mixed with refined olives. Its subcategories are Crude Olive-Pomace Oil, Refined Olive-Pomace Oil or Olive-Pomace Oil.